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About us

Disability Sport Fife (DSF) was established in 1977. In 2017  DSF will celebrate 40 years as the Fife lead body in disability sport for children, athletes and players of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability.  DSF is a branch of Scottish Disability Sport (SDS) with a charity registration number of (SC 020994).  

DSF athlete members have been enormously successful in European and World Championships plus Paralympic Games all over the world.  DSF has supported 23 members to become GB Paralympians since 1977.  DSF individual members and teams have enjoyed enormous success in national events organised by SDS.  Each year DSF organises an extensive programme of sports events and provides education and training opportunities for coaches and volunteers.  

DSF employs an experienced team of coaches on a session by session basis to deliver sports specific activity sessions weekly across Fife.  DSF has a part time administrator based at the Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre financially supported by a Fife Council grant. DSF has a Service Level Agreement with the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust and works in partnership with Active Fife, Health and Social Care, NHS Fife Physiotherapy and numerous voluntary organizations concerned with disable people etc. 

DSF has a number of Committees that deal with Finance, Policy, Performance Sport and Safeguarding in Sport/Equity.  DSF has established a Hall of Fame to recognise performance athletes who have achieved significant success in international disability sport. The DSF Annual General Meeting and Awards Evening is now a significant occasion in the Fife Sporting Year with over 90 attendees.


  • DSF operates across Fife with a history of supporting individuals of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability.
  • DSF is a multi sport organisation with strong local, national and international connections.
  • DSF has many partners including Fife Council, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, Scottish Disability Sport, Active Fife, NHS Fife and sportscotland.
  • DSF has key funding partners whose support has been critical to DSF success.  In particular the Big Lottery, Order of St John in Fife, Rotary International (Fife clubs),  Margaret Pullar (Bill Pullar Bursary), the Scottish FA, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, Russell Hogg Trust, Mary Leishman Foundation, Scottish Disabled Sports Trust etc.
  • DSF has strong links with Fife schools, PEPAS and the Active schools Network.  Since its inception DSF has worked closely with Health and Social Care and Fife Sports Clubs.
  • DSF has a General Management Committee and committee structure covering Finance and Policy, Performance Sport and Safeguarding in Sport/Equity.  DSF is proud of the number of athlete members involved in running the Association.
  • DSF has a very skilled and dedicated administrator supported through a recurring grant from Fife Council.
  • DSF has a Service Level Agreement with the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust and enjoys very healthy partnerships with FSLT staff across Fife.

> Scottish Disability Sport....The First Fifty Years 
​   (Writen by Richard Brickley, MBE. President, DSF)

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For further information
please contact:

Norma Buchanan
Disability Sport Fife,
Michael Woods Sports
& Leisure Centre,
Viewfield, Glenrothes, KY6 2RD


03451 555 555
ext 444 989

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Donate to DSF

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