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Fife Sports and Leisure Trust

Step Classes

What are step classes like?:

"Step aerobics" was established in 1989 and FLST are proud to lead the way in Freestyle Step Fitness.   It was developed as a way to get a high intensity, yet low impact workout. With a portable platform with height adjustable risers, you will do choreographed exercise routines up, onto, down and around the step for great cardio fitness, as well as exceptional training to shape the lower body. Your coordination will be tested at times! If you want strong legs, a lifted butt and a functionally fit core – step this way.


The very best music and freestyle step choreography.  Every possible thing you can do with a step: up, down, around, direction changes, tempos and rhythms.

Easy progressions taught logically result in a dynamic finale.  These classes are sure to rekindle your passion for Step Aerobics.


The very best 80 & 90’s music fussed with fabulous but easy step choreography.  Re-visit the most popular group fitness class with fresh new ideas and inspirational instructor.  Easy progressions taught logically result in a dynamic finale.