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Isabel Reid's Fitness Instructor Profile

Q1:  How long have you worked in the fitness industry?

15 years

Q2: What classes do you deliver for the trust?

RPM, Bodypump, Bodybalance, PowerHoop, Body Conditioning, Winning by Losing and Active Option 2 classes.

Q3: What do you love about your job?

I love meeting new people and seeing how exercise can transform peoples lives, achieving the goals that they set for themselves and how some of them have taken it to the next level of cycling, jogging, Tough Mudder and walking challenges for them or charities. Absolutely amazing.

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Q4:  What’s your favourite workout & why?

I love all of my workouts, but my own personal favourite is cycling outside on a beautiful day, can't beat the beautiful scenery in this country on a sunny day, such a pity there are not enough of these days.

Q5: On your days off, where can we find you?

Catching up with family, enjoying grandchildren, they grow up far too quick,  learning new choreography, housework and if time and weather permits cycling

Q6: If you won the Lottery, what would you do?

Share with family and open up an animal sanctuary. I absolutely love animals they give you so much and ask for nothing in return, how anyone can be cruel to them or abandon them is beyond me

Q7:  What’s your favourite fitness quote?

When you feel like quitting think about why you started oh! and Trying to get in shape, maybe running 5 days a week is often called obsessive.... so sitting at home watching TV 5 times a week isn't.

What our customers have to say about Isabel..

We put all of our fitness instructor profiles on Facebook and the response and feedback has been great, see below a few of the comments our customers had to say about Isabel. To view our fitness classes please click here.

Lynne Cook
"Fantastic instructor - true inspiration to others! Love Isabel's classes."

Ruth Smith
"Fabulous instructor. Has the wonderful ability to encourage and motivate you do do more than you think you can do without really being aware of it."

Susan Spowart
"Great instructor and really lovely person x"

Craig Thomson
"Amazing instructor, now I'm back, I'm looking forward to her evil laughs as she adds extras to her tracks"


Hazel Henderson
"Simply the best x"

Lesley McGhie
"Great instructor & friend"

Liane Skelton
"Love Isabel's classes. Great instructor"

June Thorburn
"The best"

Deb Young
"Amazing instructor, totally inspired me xx"

Carolyn Stanford
"My favourite class of the week is always Isabel Reid's class!" 

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