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Name: Kyle Mercer

Age: 21
Occupation: Full-time student
Lives: Cupar
FSLT facility: Cupar Leisure Centre, Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre, Carnegie Leisure Centre

If anyone deserves the label of Fife Champion, it’s Kyle Mercer from Cupar. Kyle has literally transformed himself thanks to increased physical activity – shedding an impressive 11st 7lbs in 16 months.

Not only has Kyle changed his physical appearance, he has transformed his quality of life with greater self-confidence and better health.

Kyle said: “Once I decided I wanted to lose weight, I realised I was going to have to put in the effort and that can seem daunting if you haven’t done any physical exercise for a while.

“But, I found that once I stared, the feeling I got from exercising was so great, I just wanted to keep going. Of course, once I started to see and feel the results, not only was the weight coming off, but my breathing improved -  I knew it was all worthwhile. I have been a Leisure Active member for over two years and it has really helped encourage me to use the Trust’s facilities regularly and I’ve got to know other users as well as the staff who are really knowledgeable and encouraging.

“I often ask friends and family to think about getting more active – it’s so important to feel the best you can – it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done to improve my life.”

Name: Denise Allan   
Age: 44
Occupation: Support worker
Lives: Dunfermline
FSLT facility: Carnegie Leisure Centre, Pitreavie Athletics Centre
Denise really is a true champion – she’s been keeping active at local facilities for 20 years and has the buzz she gets from being physically active hasn’t worn off.

For the past five years, Denise has been a Leisure Active member using her local centres for a range of fitness classes and training. Thanks to her membership, she has unlimited access to Fife Sports and Leisure Trust facilities and Denise currently attends classes five days a week.
As well as fitness classes, Denise joined a boot camp class at Pitreavie to help train for a Tough Mudder event. 

Denise said: “I love the feeling I get from exercise – it keeps me coming back for more! I also enjoy the social side of taking part in fitness classes – I’ve met lots of great people and made good friends. I generally take part in freestyle, T-RX, aerobics and boot camp  classes. I find the instructors are very well qualified and their knowledge makes a huge difference to the quality of the class and the support and motivation they give. 

“I’m always encouraging others to come along to classes – everyone is so welcoming and the health and wellbeing benefits are so worthwhile.”
Name: Colin Greig
Age: 42
Occupation: Retired due to health
Lives: Kirkcaldy
FSLT facility: Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre

So often when we are not feeling well or experiencing a health condition, it can be easy to put being physically active to one side and focus on rest and recuperation. But, so much evidence now shows that physical activity can have a real positive impact on our health and wellbeing, even when we are diagnosed with a health condition.

That was the case for Colin following a diagnosis of chronic back pain which had a real impact on his lifestyle and wellbeing. Colin was referred by a medical professional to a Fife Sports and Leisure Trust health and wellbeing class – Active Options 2 – and experienced such positive results he now attends the gym at Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre around two or three times a week.
Colin said: “I found getting active made a huge difference to my mobility and has eased the pain I was experiencing. Overall, the benefits have made a real difference to my quality of life – I have increased flexibility, balance and I’ve lost over one stone in weight. My balance has improved so much, I can now balance on one leg and am less reliant on my walking stick. 

“I would say to anyone in a similar situation as myself, to take time to invest in your own health and wellbeing – for a few hours a week, you can make a huge difference to the way you feel. Leisure Active is a great membership scheme, it is very flexible and gives you access to a huge range of facilities, so whatever you enjoy, there is something for everyone.  And, it will give you access to well-qualified staff who can give expert advice and support.”