February 25, 2021

Charitable trustdelivers outreach programme for people living with long-terms conditions

We are continuing to support people across Fife living with long-term health conditions despite doors being closed to our facilities.

We are maintaining contact with participants of our award-winning health and wellbeing programme by delivering an outreach programme with over 200 contacts made per week.

Our self-funded health and wellbeing programme supports local people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, dementia, diabetes and heart incidents with specially-designed physical activity sessions which usually take place in its facilities and community venues across Fife. However, because of Level 4 COVID restrictions, participants have been unable to take part in their usual classes, talk to trust instructors or enjoy morale support from fellow participants.

We are delivering the outreach programme through a mixture of socially distanced one-to-one outdoor walks, Zoom, classes via social media, phone calls or emails with suggested physical activity sessions. Participants of the health and wellbeing programmes have been issued with their own exercise bands which were purchased with funds raised by our own charity, the Fife Health and Wellbeing Fund, and,and we are working hard to raise more funds so that even more people who usually attend can benefit from the equipment.

Fiona Prendergast, health and wellbeing programming manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, explains the purpose of the outreach programme: “The people who attend our health and wellbeing programme tend to be older adults who have been referred to the classes by their GP or hospital-based clinician – the programme has a proven track record of alleviating participant’s symptoms as a direct result of taking part in supervised, specially-designed physical activity sessions. But, it’s just not about physical results, participants regularly report that they experience mental wellbeing benefits because of the interaction with others who are experiencing similar situations.

“We are very grateful to people who have contributed to our Fife Health and Wellbeing Fund as this has helped us deliver the outreach programme and maintain contact with this very important user group.”

Pat Parker, from Glenrothes who usually attends Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre, said:

“Before lockdown I was more active which helped manage my underlying health issues. As I’m no longer able to do the same level of exercise from home, your videos are like having a personal trainer in the house – thank you so much for the support.”

Michael Low, who regularly attends Duloch Leisure Centre, said: “Brilliant to get going again and see familiar faces after a long break. Can’t wait for next week’s class!”

Click here for further details of the health and wellbeing programme.

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