March 8, 2018

Queen Anne and Woodmill High School pupils benefit from access to leisure centres

Our initiative to increase physical activity opportunities to high school pupils in Dunfermline has been expanded, engaging with even more young people.

The move has seen us offer Queen Anne High School and Woodmill High School in Dunfermline the use of our facilities in a specially-designed outreach programme.

The programme delivers a low-cost offer to encourage young people to get more physically active and is delivered by us giving access to Duloch Leisure Centre and Carnegie Leisure Centre for just £1 at set times during school hours.

The scheme sees participants enjoy a range of activities and facilities including, swimming, squash, climbing, circuit gym, football and use of the centres gyms and sports halls.

James Dunbar, area leisure manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “Improving access to physical activity opportunities is a key commitment for the trust and we are especially keen to engage with young people to help foster a lifelong interest in keeping active.

“By offering discounted rates to high school pupils so they can make use of high-quality facilities, with a range of activities, is a great way for us to ensure even more people can experience the health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity.”

In conjunction with use of school facilities, physical education teachers and Active Schools co-ordinators have worked with pupils to make participation as convenient and accessible as possible.

Steven Thomson, principal teacher of physical education at Woodmill High School, said:  “The scheme has been extremely well received by the pupils and has resulted in an increase in participation. Our S4 pupils have a double period for PE and having the opportunity to use the fantastic facilities that both Carnegie and Duloch have to offer, has increased motivation and engagement; especially amongst the girls. The 14 – 16 age group is often where we see a drop off in girls’ participation and the number of ‘no kits’ within this cohort has reduced significantly. We are very appreciative of the opportunity provided by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust.”

Callum Imray, active school co-ordinator based at Queen Anne High School commented: “As an Active Schools Coordinator I am always exploring new opportunities for young people to participate in sport. Working in partnership with James and the team at Carnegie has allowed me to provide our senior pupils at Queen Anne with access to high-quality gym facilities during their health and wellbeing time allocated to them at school.”

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