Fife Sports and Leisure Trust


Fife Sports and Leisure Trust's Concessions Scheme offers its members the opportunity to enjoy discounts on a large number of leisure and sporting activities in its 13 venues across Fife.

Who Can Apply?

Membership is open to residents of Fife whose individual or family circumstances meet the requirements of one of the categories listed in Section 2 of the detachable application form. A family is defined as up to two adults plus dependent children, aged 17 years and under.  One application form must be completed for each person in the family who requires a card.  Children 5 years and under will be registered on one of the applying adult's card. 

How Do I Apply?

If you have a Myfife Card - Complete the application form and take it to one of our sports and leisure centres along with your Myfife Card and proof of category eligibility. Your Active Concessions scheme membership will be added to your Myfife Card.
If you don't have a Myfife Card - You will require a Fife Sports and Leisure Trust Card. To obtain a card please complete the application form and take it to one of our sports and leisure centres along with proof of:- category eligibility and Fife address. Your photograph(s) will be taken and retained on our computerised booking system for entry identification. An Active Concessions Card will be available for collection from the same leisure centre within 7 days.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for membership.

There will be a charge for a replacement of a Concessions card. 

What proofs do I need?

for an individual adult or, in the case of a family, 
(a) Myfife Card
(b) If you do not have a Myfife Card one of the applying adults must produce a current utility bill showing a Fife address in their name.
(c) If you are normally live outwith Fife, own and pay Council Tax for a second property in Fife direct to Fife Council, you must produce your Fife Council, Council Tax Receipt
Category Eligibility:- 
This should be in the form of a letter of award dated within the last 12 months stating the benefit name. 

Applicants for ADP, DLA, PIP and Injury due to Military Service accepted from individuals, not in work.

Applicants aged 66 years and over and not in work will require proof of age. A Myfife Card or Birth Certificate is suitable. Applicants for this category do not have to apply every 12 months, membership is continuous however if you restart work, please advise.

Full-time students will require to show their matriculation card and have their application form stamped by their college/university confirming that they are a full-time student.              

Students who receive funding from a sponsor e.g. research students etc. are not eligible.  

Junior applications require to be signed by a parent or guardian.

How long is membership valid?

Your membership is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. For your membership to remain valid you are required to have your entitlement reviewed on a yearly basis. Changes to your circumstances during the year must be notified to Fife Sports and Leisure Trust as your application will require to be reassessed.
Student membership will be valid until the end of August in any academic year.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust reserves the right to:
(a) withdraw membership
(b) request additional proof of entitlement
(c) refuse any application