Rise Gymnastics 

What is Rise Gymnastics, and what can we expect? 

Rise Gymnastics is a 3-stage, fun-packed programme and award scheme that provides a progressive journey through recreational gymnastics. Designed after insight and consultation with the gymnastics community. Gymnasts will experience an immersive, creative, and exciting gymnastics programme, achieving amazing results at their own pace, and building key foundation skills. Children of all ages and abilities have the power to shine with Rise Gymnastics. 

Rise Gymnastics is one comprehensive gymnastics programme which brings together the different aspects we know recreational gymnasts, parents, and coaches, from all environments want the opportunity to experience.  

Why is this change happening? 

Gymnastics programmes across the UK up until now have all been delivered independently, Rise Gymnastics has been created to align gymnastics across the UK. 

Rise came to be directly from feedback from the gymnastics community, which ensures that your child is receiving the best and most up-to-date content available to coaches in the UK. 

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What do you have to do?

  • The good news is that you do not need to do anything at this time. Our team is working behind the scenes to ensure that your child is placed in the appropriate class based on their current level for the transition in October. We will contact you in mid-September to advise you of the class your child will transition to within the new programme.

What are the next steps?

  • We are currently mapping our existing classes to fit the Rise Gymnastics framework. For example, classes like Mini Movers will become Rise Gymnastics Discover.

  • When everything is ready and the classes are open for booking, we will reach out to you with a class recommendation and further instructions, including how to pay for your new course.

We look forward to continuing to provide your child(ren) with the best possible gymnastics experience. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch with the Junior Activity Team at junioractivities@fifeleisure.org.uk.

How do I know what class my child should be in? 
If your child is of walking age and under 3 years old, they should be in our adult and child class Rise Gymnastics Tots. If your child is pre-school aged 3-5 years, they should be in Rise Gymnastics Discover. School-aged children can either be in Rise Gymnastics Explore or Rise Gymnastics Excel (this will be determined by current gymnastics ability level).

What is Rise Gymnastics Tots and who is it for? 
Rise Gymnastics Tots is Fife Sports and Leisure Trust’s new adult and child gymnastics class aimed at children from walking age to 3 years old. In this class each child will work with an adult as they work their way through their gymnastics adventure!  Each week, please join us in singing along to songs, playing games, and going on a fun gymnastics adventure!  

What is Rise Gymnastics Discover and who is it for? 
Rise Gymnastics Discover is aimed at pre-school children aged 3 - 5 years. In this class, your child will experience gymnastics through imaginative play and get the chance to earn certificates and medals through the Rise Discover Award Scheme. At this stage of learning your child will be an independent learner for the first time. 

What is Rise Gymnastics Explore and who is it for? 
Rise Gymnastics Explore is aimed at school aged recreational children. Gymnasts at this stage build confidence and skills by working on 3 key areas: core skills, working together and working on apparatus. At this class your child will get the chance to earn certificates and medals through the Rise Explore Award Scheme.  

What is Rise Gymnastics Excel and who is it for? 
Rise Gymnastics Excel is aimed at advanced and ambitious school aged recreational children. Gymnasts at this stage further build their confidence and skills by working on 4 key areas: core skills, working together, working on small apparatus, and working on large apparatus. In this class your child will get the chance to earn certificates and medals through the Rise Excel Award Scheme.  

My child has a disability, can they take part in Rise Gymnastics? 
Yes, of course they can. The content of Rise Gymnastics has been created to be inclusive. The content delivered can be adapted as necessary to help children achieve their potential. If your child has additional needs or requirements, please contact the Junior Activities Team on junioractivities@fifeleisure.org.uk.

What Fife Sports and Leisure Trust venues will be delivering Rise Gymnastics? 
The venues that will be delivering Rise Gymnastics in October are Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre; Duloch Leisure Centre (Dunfermline); Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre; Levenmouth Swimming Pool and Sports Centre and Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre (Glenrothes). We hope to expand our offering of gymnastics classes to more leisure centres as the programme grows. 

How do I book my child into a Rise Gymnastics course? 
To book your child into a Rise Gymnastics course, please contact reception orvisit in person. We cannot guarantee that a space will be available at the time of your enquiry, but you will be added to the course waiting list until a space becomes available. 

How do I pay for Rise Gymnastics? 
Payments for Rise Gymnastics can be made at reception in person or over the phone. From October 2023, our payment procedure for our Junior Activity Programme is changing and further details will be shared in due course.

Is there a concession price? 
Yes, Active Concession are available for eligible customers. Please click here, call or enquire at reception for more information. 

My child attends a Fife Sports and Leisure Trust gymnastics course, will their class day and time change in October? 
We envisage that there will be minimal disruption to your existing class, however if changes are to made you will be notified in a timely manner.

My child does not like their class, can I get a refund? 
Rise Gymnastics classes are non-refundable. A refund will only be made under exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust. 

How long will it take my child to progress through the Rise Gymnastics framework? 
There is no definitive timeline, children develop differently some learn their gymnastics skills quicker than others. As part of the Rise Gymnastics programme your child will be continuously assessed by our coaches in line with the Rise Gymnastics Award Scheme. When the time is right, your child will be invited to move on to the next stage of their learning. 

How will my child be assessed?
Your child will be continually assessed by our instructors on a predetermined list of skills supplied by British Gymnastics. To pass a skill your child must demonstrate this successfully to the instructor on 3 separate occasions. To pass an overall stage of the Rise Gymnastics Award scheme, your child will have to successfully pass a set number of skills. For example, to pass the Rise Gymnastics Discover 1, learners must compete 12 of 16 skills.

How does my child receive the certificates and badges?
Information coming soon...

Further Rise Gymnastics FAQ’s from British Gymnastics: 
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