Kirkcaldy Gym

Our station gym offers the latest and most effective fitness equipment installed by Technogym and Origin Fitness. With Cardio, Fixed Resistance, Free Weights, Functional and HIIT – we have made it easier for our customers to find the equipment that best suits their fitness and exercise needs. Our qualified gym staff will support you in achieving your exercise goals.  
With strength, cardiovascular, free weights and Technogym's unique Kinesis Stations a multi-plane set of resistance cable machines that offer effective movement and strength training our customers have a wide choice of equipment to best support their fitness and exercise needs. And our qualified gym staff will support you in taking that first step in the beginning to use the gym and can also off training plans to support you in achieving your exercise goals as part of our member journey.

Some of our equipment highlights are:

- Origin Half Rack with Urathane Plates 
- Adjustable benches, 
- Technogym Run 600 Treadmills 
- Climb (stair climber) 
- Skillrow (new rowers)
- Assisted Chin Dip Machine
- Cybex SPARC
- Skill Run
- Concept II Ski Erg 
- Air Bike 
...and more!

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 Opening Times

Monday - Friday  6.30am - 10.00pm

Saturday & Sunday  8.00am - 6.00pm


Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre
Esplande, Kirkcaldy



Welcome Session

All new members have the option to book a complimentary welcome session, or refresher session if you have previous gym experience.

All 14 - 15 year olds must complete a gym induction, before a user pass can be issued.

Getting Started



Adult  £6.40 /  £4.50 (conc)
Junior  (14 - 17 yrs) £4.50 / £3.15 (conc)
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Membership and Pricing


Our Health Commitment Statement 

Save time at your induction by downloading and reading our Our Health Commitment Statement.

Our Health Commitment Statement




Let's get to know Barry at Kirkcaldy Gym

What made you want to become a gym instructor?

I have always been into Fitness since I was young, playing Football and Rugby for several years. During my high school work experience, I spent the week at a local gym. This sparked an interest in becoming a Gym and Studio instructor. I attended college for the appropriate courses. While attending, I had a part-time job to earn some money. When the courses were complete, there weren’t many full-time jobs available, so I stayed where I was employed and increased my hours. Over the years, while I continued to develop my skills with courses, I mostly did freelance or casual fitness jobs and didn’t take the leap to full-time Fitness work until last year.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy meeting new people and building working relationships with members and staff. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals. It is so rewarding to see people accomplish their aims and to help people to continue their fitness journey.

How can I help you?

I am always on hand to give advice and support on improving fitness, using the gym equipment, or setting goals. I have designed a number of programmes, but I would always adapt these to suit the member's needs and abilities.

Favourite training tip & quote

One fitness tip is to make sure you incorporate strength training into your workout routine. While cardio exercises like running and cycling are great for improving cardiovascular health and burning calories, strength training can help increase muscle mass, improve bone density, and boost your metabolism.

‘No one can do it for you but yourself – it's all about determination.’



Let's get to know Katerina at Kirkcaldy Gym

What made you want to become a gym instructor?

I have been involved in sports since I was a child. When I was 7 years old, I started doing figure skating and I spent 14 years of my childhood participating within this beautiful discipline at a national level. Ever since then my passion to maintain an active lifestyle through sport grew stronger. After completing my studies in sport management at the University of Ostrava, I found I could direct my passion for sports through exercise and fitness, so I became a gym instructor.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Interacting with many different people with different sports and exercise experiences. It doesn’t matter if it is someone with no gym experience at all or someone trying to achieve their new PB, I love helping either group achieve their goals. And once they get there, it is very rewarding.

What’s the best gym-related advice you’ve been given?

Get moving; your body and mind will thank you for it.

What is your favourite way to train and why?

Nowadays I do most workouts mainly to get stronger, fitter, and healthier because exercise helps me reduce stress, keeps me motivated and gives me the energy to get through my busy day. With two little children, my training sessions look a little different than before. It can vary from a quick 15min home workout with very little equipment to an hour of gym session lifting heavier weights or doing cardio.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

“Try, try again and never give up. You can achieve more than you think.” 



Let's get to know Mat at Kirkcaldy Gym

What made you want to become a gym instructor?

Since I was 15, I have loved using the gym. I wasn’t a fan of team sports so the individuality of only having to rely on myself and being able to train whenever I want has always appealed to me. Getting into this line of work made sense to me as it was something, I have always had an interest in, so I went to college to learn more and then put myself through courses to further my knowledge.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to chat with people about their training experiences, whether that be to share ideas or impart knowledge is very rewarding.

What’s the best gym-related advice you’ve been given?

Technique is King.

What is your favourite way to train and why?

I mainly like to train with elements from bodybuilding and powerlifting so I can focus on size and strength, but I also enjoy adding in some Olympic lifting to improve power.

What’s your favourite motivational quote?

Momento Mori.


Getting Started


Booking an welcome session

All our inductions are one-to-one appointments but we also cater for couples or friends if preferred. You can book an induction by contacting reception and they will offer you time slots as required. The welcome session can last 30 to 45 mintes.


There are free car parks located along the promenade at Kirkcaldy that offer 117 free parking spaces. Allow for a 10 minutes walk to the centre from these car parks. You can also park for free at the railway station if required which again is a 10-minute walk to the centre. There are a number of pay and display ticket car parks adjacent to the centre which are a 5 minute walk away. 

What to bring

For your welcome sessions, we ask that you bring gym wear, trainers or appropriate exercise footwear, and a water bottle.

What time should I be there for the welcome sessions?

If you can please arrive 15 minutes before your booking slot to allow for changing and booking in at reception. If you are not changing can you please arrive 10 minutes early?

What will happen in my welcome sessions?

A member of the gym team will meet you at reception and show you where the changing rooms and gym are. Once you are changed they will meet you in the gym. We will then ask you to read our Health Commitment Statement which outlines your responsibilities in making sure you don’t have any medical conditions that might interfere with you exercising safely before you start using the gym and our responsibilities as an operator to provide a safe environment for you to exercise in. The welcome session will then be based around what you want to achieve and cover the main safety points and set up of gym equipment, depending on your experience. Further coaching may be required on subsequent visits depending on the gym location and number of stations. 

What happens after my welcome sessions?

We look to review your progress after 4 weeks with a review appointment; this can be booked in with the gym team if required and you can ask the gym team about programmes or to go over any gym equipment or exercise techniques if required.

Who do I ask if I have any questions or need support once I start using the gym?

The gym team are there to support your long-term health and fitness goals and have extensive experience in supporting our gym customers with gym programmes and with keeping their motivation levels high. They will be happy to help and advise you on making your time in the gym as enjoyable and productive as possible.

What can I ask the gym staff about?

  • Exercise programmes (ask about our member journey programmes)
  • Specific programmes (tailored to your specific goals)
  • Interval programmes
  • High-Intensity Interval Programmes (HIIT Training)
  • Equipment set up and safety points
  • Technique advice (help you to make each exercise as effective as possible) 
  • Functional and Free Body Training
  • Goal setting
  • Express Workouts
  • Gym Challenges
  • Fitness Classes to complement your gym sessions
  • Weight Management and Nutrition
  • Leisure Active Membership Options 
  • Crèche facilities available