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Subject Access Request

This form can be used by any individual who wishes to request access to personal data held by Fife Sport and Leisure Trust. The use of this form is not mandatory, but it will help us in the collection of the relevant information to progress your request. Access Requests can be made in other formats. This form is freely available for your ease of use. 

Under Data Protection Laws you have the right to request copies of your personal data. If you wish to access personal data about someone else you will need to evidence their written consent, which you must make available to us. 
Fife Sport and Leisure Trust will not release personal data without proper authority and reserves the right to request further proof of authority or identity if necessary. Equally, we have the right to confirm that you do have the authority to act on behalf of someone else and any information we provide because of this request could be provided directly to the intended recipient. 

Requests will be acknowledged in writing and you will be provided with a reference number for your request. Once we are satisfied your request is valid, you should receive a response within 1 calendar month from the date that we receive your request. 

Guidance Notes

Section 1

Please complete the details of the data subject the details being requested about – this will either be yourself or if you are representing someone else please enter their details.

Section 2 
Please be as specific as possible when completing Section 2 of the form. The more detail you can give, the quicker our response is likely to be. If you only require information for a specific period, please give the dates.

Section 3
Please indicate your preferred method of receiving the data. We will advise if it is not possible to provide the data in your requested format.

Section 4
Declaration – please sign and date. If you are representing someone else, please ensure you provide evidence of your authority to make the request on their behalf.

For assistance on completing the form or more information on the data we may hold on you please contact NUMBER?

Click here for more information on your rights to access personal data 


Please email a copy of your completed form and copies of any required identification to: or Fife Sport and Leisure Trust, Music Institute, East Port, Dunfermline, F