Swimming facilities available in our centres


Beacon Leisure Centre Swimming Pool

Swimming at the Beacon

  • 25 metre pool
  • Sloped beach area entry
  • 2 Flumes
  • Wave machine
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Bowhill Swimming Pool

Swimming at Bowhill

  • 25 metre pool
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Carnegie Leisure Centre Swimming Pool

Swimming at Carnegie

  • 25 metre main pool
  • 25 metre training pool with movable floor
  • Children's pool
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Spa Pool, Sauna, Laconium and Steam Room


Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre swimming pool

Swimming at Cowdenbeath

  • 25 metre pool
  • 10 metre toddler pool
  • Family changing
  • Aquagym equipment
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Cupar Sports Centre swimming pool

Swimming at Cupar

  • 25 metre pool
  • Male and Female changing areas


East Sands Leisure Centre swimming pool

Swimming at East Sands

  • Leisure pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Slide
  • Family changing area
  • Health Suite with Steam Room


Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre swimming pools

Swimming at Kirkcaldy

  • 25 metre main pool
  • 17 metre training pool with movable floor
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Levenmouth Swimming Pool

Swimming at Levenmouth

  • Leisure pool with beach area
  • Flume
  • Wave machine
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre swimming pools

Swimming at Michael Woods

  • 25 metre main pool
  • 20 metre training pool with movable floor
  • 11 metre warm pool
  • Family changing
  • Health Suite with Sauna and Steam Room


Group of children in swimming lessons


Swimming Lessons

Encouraging your child to learn to swim is one of most important opportunities you can give them.

If you get children interested in swimming when they're young as there is a good chance they will enjoy the water for the rest of their life.

All our swimming lessons follow Scottish Swimiming's National Framework for Scotland. Within the framework there are three programmes: Early Years, Learn to Swim and Adults. 

Swimming lessons are available in all 9 of our swimming pools.


More information on swimming lessons >


Water-based Group Fitness

Water-based fitness classes are ideal for all fitness levels. The water supports the joint allowing safe movement and mobility for those with injuries and long term joint conditions.

Classes include:

  • Aqua Zumba
  • Hydrospin
  • Aquaerobics
  • Aqua Shallow
  • Aqua Deep


Click here to see our Group Fitness Timetable




swimming pool party


Swimming Pool Parties

Make a guaranteed splash for your child and their friends with a pool party. With floats of all shapes and sizes fun is guaranteed with the birthday child and all their friends. Giant Inflatbables also available at some facilities.

Please bring along your own armbands if weak and non-swimmers.

Swimming Pool parties are available at:  

  • Beacon Leisure Centre
  • Bowhill Swimming Pool
  • Carnegie Leisure Centre
  • Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre
  • Cupar Sports Centre
  • Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre
  • Levenmouth Swimming Pool & Sports Centre
  • Michael Woods Sports & Leisure Centre


Group of children in swimming lessons


No Outdoor Shoe Zones

We've all seen the news reports and nature programmes highlighting the amount of plastic waste which ends up in the ocean.

We would like to do our bit to help and have decided to stop the use of blue pool shoes as well as other single use plastics such as cups and straws.

From what date will you stop providing blue pool shoes?
From TBC there will no longer be blue pool shoes available in our centres.

What should people do instead of using blue pool shoes?
In order to maintain cleanliness, you will be asked to change from outdoor footwear into indoor alternatives such as flip-flops or sandals. You will be asked to do this within the "Change area for no outdoor shoe zone. No Outdoor Shoe Zone".

Where are the "No Outdoor Shoe Zones"?
The "No Outdoor Shoe Zones" are within or near our swimming pool changing areas and are clearly marked with new signage that says "No Outdoor Shoe Zone". Please ask reception or a member of our team if you have any queries.

What does the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone" mean?
It means that all outdoor footwear should be removed before entering the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone". Instead, you are welcome to change into indoor alternatives such as flip-flops or sandals. The new policy applies to customers and FSLT staff.

Where can I change my shoes?
You can change your shoes at the designated zone near to or within our swimming pool changing areas. We have updated these areas with new seating and additional space where needed.

What if I/someone with me has additional needs?
We've made every effort at each centre to adapt changing facilities for any additional needs or special circumstances. Please let our staff know if you have any concerns and they will be happy to answer questions or arrange additional help.

What if I forget to bring a spare pair of indoor shoes/sandals?
In this instance we would advise customers to enter the "No Outdoor Shoe Zone" with bare feet if possible.

Is there somewhere I can leave my outdoor footwear?
We operate a secure locker system that requires either a £1 coin to use. You will receive your coin back when you collect your items afterwards. Alternatively you can carry them with you in the bag you used to bring your change of footwear.



Healthy Swimming Guidelines


Accidents do happen
Sometimes people have 'accidents' in the swimming pools. This can include babies with poorly fitting nappies, excitable children who can't wait to get to the toilet people who feel unwell and those in care of others.

Most of the time there will be nothing in the water which the chlorine can't deal with. There is a possibility that someone who has been unwell, including upset stomachs or diarrhoea, could bring in a bug called cryptosporidium.

The cleaning process 

  • If there has been an 'accident' in the pool, the first thing we will do is ask all bathers to leave the pool and use the showers. If the centre has other pools we may be able to allow swimming to continue in that other pool.
  • The affected pool will need to be treated for several hours (the length of time is different for each pool).
  • We will then need to clean the pool filtration system. 
  • Finally we will need to make sure that the water is chemically balanced again and warmed up ready for bathers.
  • Doing all this can take us between 14 and 24 hours and means our bathers cannot use the pools during this time. 
  • We also have to use more water and chemicals than usual.

Please help us to keep the pool water sparkling by:

  • Not eating for an hour or so before swimming
  • Using the toilets before you swim
  • Having a shower before entering the pool
  • Making sure that children who are not fully potty trained wear swim nappies (available from reception)
  • If needed use incontinence protection under bathing clothes

Much as we like to see you, there are times when you shouldn't swim:

  • If you are feeling unwell
  • If you have just eaten a meal or taken a fizzy drink
  • If you have had diarrhoea in the last two weeks
  • If you have any open wounds